What Businesses Should Look for in IT Support Companies

Having access to fast information technology support is crucial for any business. In almost every industry, even traditional trades, computers play a role. A plumber or electrician has to ensure that their customer booking system and databases are working properly at all times so that they don’t lose access to important info on-file. If you’ve ever been the victim of data loss from hard drive failure, you’ll probably know how stressful it is to figure everything out by yourself. For business owners in Australia and abroad, technology shapes the way that business is done. No matter where you are and what industry you work in, you’re probably most concerned about serving your customers and keeping them happy.

We spoke to Mike from IE Systems, a company that provides IT Support Washington for small and large-sized enterprises, “Nothing’s different in Australia. Here in Washington State, we serve a large number of corporate and small business clients with a variety of different services. Our main job is keeping all of them online and ensuring that they can serve their customers without being hindered by issues with their technology.”

Mike and his company provide everything from cloud backups of a company’s data to support for issues with every piece of technology they own. From servers to VOIP systems, they respond to support requests to get the issues solved.

“The thing that differentiates a good tech from a great one is the ability to make decisions and take charge. Sometimes, you can’t wait around for a supervisor to double-check things, and you just have to act. Businesses are time-sensitive institutions, and they need to be able to quickly respond to problems—so it makes sense that they want an IT contractor that is able to move as fast as they do every day.” Mike emphasized.

As our world continues to be shaped and defined by changing technology, IT departments will continue to weather the storm. When you’re deciding whether your company will have a full-time in-house IT department or you’ll hire contractors to do the work, you need to be cognizant of what you’re spending your money on. The best contractors will provide you with information on your technology-related expenses for your records so you can make good fiscal decisions for the future of your company’s tech investments. Make sure to look up plenty of reviews online when you’re investing in contractors. The experiences of other clients in the past will give you a better idea of what you’ll be dealing with.

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Finding Affordable Computer Repairs in Sydney

Taking a look at the various small businesses in the area that serve business and residential customers with computer repair services, we did a thorough study of all of the various options available to consumers in the area. There is a big variation in prices for similar services, so consumers are well-served to look into the various options to find the lowest rate. It’s wise to not only shop around but to read reviews about companies online to make sure that you’re not doing business with a company that has a history of bad business practices. Of course, we always provide the latest factual information about various industries in the local area on our blog, and if you’re interested in reading frequent reviews and information about local industries, please subscribe to our blog!

One company offered to speak to us after we reached out to multiple small providers in the Sydney metro area. We spoke to Anthony from ADIT Computer Services about his company, “We provide computer repairs for a good rate, and we specialise in all computer services,” Anthony explained, “We do everything from computer repairs, upgrades, backups of your data, data recovery, performance check-ups, security solutions, custom PCs, computer training, and more.”

If your business or home computer runs on a Linux-based distribution such as Ubuntu, Mint, or Arch Linux, you might need to track down local Linux specialists. Not all computer repair companies offer support for Linux or Mac, but almost all of them support Windows, which is the most commonly-used operating system for home and business computing. Comparing Sydney to other cities across the world, the local rates are pretty fair. Expect to spend more for enterprise-class services such as data backups or security solutions for business, but the average computer repair for your home PC shouldn’t cost all that much.

Keep in mind that some computers are more difficult to service than others. A Thinkpad, for example, with easily available parts from Lenovo, is a lot simpler to repair than an MSI laptop with professionally-signed drivers and in-house firmware. It helps to have a cursory knowledge of computers when you’re shopping around for a repairman for your PC. Some problems simply can’t be fixed, such as failed hard drives, but a company like this could realistically recover data from some types of hard drive failure.

You can look on Yelp, Yellowpages, Google Maps, Truelocal, and other business sites online to find out more about various companies in the area. You can always also walk in to most computer repair shops and get a quote in-person, although some of the providers we found in the vicinity only offered call-out service and didn’t have a physical location.

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